Jul 12
Molecular diagnostics in a box
Coyote Biosciences has developed a range of miniaturized, portable and battery-powered molecular diagnostics instruments that provide point-of-care testing solutions—from detecting infectious diseases to profiling cancer—for health care providers and patients globally.
Aug 1
PCR Shows Off Its Clinical Chops
The first-generation Mini-8 system was used for Ebola detection in Africa where close to 600 samples were tested with 98.8% sensitivity. Recently in China, the Mini-8 system was applied in hospitals and small community clinics for hepatitis B and C and Bunia virus detection. The second-generation In...
Jul 30
COYOTE successfully exhibited in this event at Atlanta 28th-30th July.
With more than 700 companies exhibiting, the AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the world’s largest exposition for clinical laboratory products and services.
Jan 17
Sixty-four tech start-ups. Nine countries. One world champion.
Coyote Bioscience has developed small, battery-powered molecular diagnostic devices, allowing patients to conduct clinical, genome-related analysis that has traditionally had to be performed in a research lab.
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